Options for Non-Canadians during Restricted Times and Zones

As a result of regulation changes to steelhead fishing in the Skeena Region, non-Canadian anglers are subject to restrictions that did not formerly exist. These restrictions generally occur on weekends during Canadian resident-only times and zones, meaning that non-Canadian anglers are able to fish for five days a week on most rivers. During off days, visiting anglers are encouraged to take a look around at all the region offers. There are many opportunities to continue river fishing, go lake fishing or partake in regional activities of interest. The following information is intended to help by providing ideas on things to do.

River Fishing

In the Skeena watershed, there are a number of steelhead fishing opportunities where non-Canadian anglers can fish seven days a week without restriction (see map on River-by_River Summary page). For example, the Skeena River can be fished seven days a week with the exception of the two zones identified by Map 4 and 5 (see maps on River-by-River Summary page). The many Skeena River tributaries below Terrace are also open seven days, including the Exstew, Zymagotitz, Exchamsiks, Ecstall, Gitnadoix, Kasiks and Khyex rivers. For anglers in the Terrace area, the Kitsumkalum River is open on Saturdays from Glacier Creek to its confluence with the Skeena River as well.

Anglers looking for alternate fishing options may want to consider the Nass watershed. It offers fall steelhead fishing opportunities and a Classified Waters license is not required.

Lake Fishing

While river fishing tends to attract the most attention in the Skeena Region, there are a number of wild and stocked lakes that provide excellent fishing for a number of species. For anglers wishing to take a day off the river, the Skeena Region featured lakes guide may be of interest: http://www.gofishbc.com/where-to-fish/location-map.aspx?regionID=6 and http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/skeena/fish/